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Welcome to Calvary Baptist Church of Rio Linda!
We hope that you can find what you are looking for not only on this website, but also by physically attending our church! Let this website be a guide in showcasing our services and programs we have to offer you and your family.

We are a church whose whole source for doctrine, study, operation, and existence is from the King James Version (KJV) Bible. Upon the KJV Bible we have also established our programs and services. We believe that if we are following the course of God's Word (the Holy Bible) in faith, trust, and truth, that our efforts of reaching out to others will show our strong belief in supporting: HIS Triune Existence as God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit; families and our community; and Missionaries in the Mission Fields.

With this in mind, it is our sole desire and purpose to bestow upon each person who is curious about God's Word that which is needed to be able to grow and strongly exist in this World while in the Truth of God. If you have a need for a better understanding of God's Word or, if you desire to enhance your understanding and living with maturity in God's Word, that is what we are here for. And, if you need a "church" family? We have room and a lot of love in our hearts for that too. 

Our Holy Bible teaches us that WE ALL KNOW of God's existence (Isaiah 42:5); but let's face it, we DO NOT know ALL there is to KNOW about God. Therefore, the things we do not know about God, and the "myths" and "fables" we have been told and believe about God need to be tested and tried through God's Word for the truth--God's Truth. For His Truth, if taken seriously, will assist you in making the right decision that will get you to Heaven. Do not make a decision based upon God's Truth and your soul is destined for Hell. God leaves it up to YOU in determining your soul's final destination. What decision will you make? 

Come to Calvary Baptist Church of Rio Linda to learn more of what this means. We offer you a warm and friendly invitation to come just as you are. Find out what you have been missing: correct what you thought you knew; affirm the truth you know about God. Our Church Services are displayed at the top of this page--pick the time (or times) that best fits your life's schedule. While you are contemplating, look below, and read, A Message For You From the Bible, to get started. Hope to see you soon?
If it seems that this website is "incomplete" is. Please NOTE: this new site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Yes, it is being built fresh and new. Eventually, everything will be on this website that you need to know that will keep you informed as to what Calvary Baptist Church of Rio LInda, California is all about. In the interim, check on our old website for Sermons and other features. Cut and paste or, click this link: to get there.
Keep checking back to see if you can discover what has been changed since the last time you were here. Oh, and thank you for your patience.