CBCRL Sisters in Christ Free Store

Sisters In Christ was started in San Antonio, Texas, in 2012.  We served the hungry, worked in a Senior Assisted home, fed the homeless, and served battered women in the Salvation Army Home for Battered Women and Children. 

Sisters in Christ was revised three years ago in this church, Calvary Baptist Church of Rio Linda (CBCRL), by getting donations and opening the Free Store. We serve the community with food, hygiene items, clothing, and household items.  We have expanded this last year to serving the homeless at Ground Zero, a nearby homeless campsite and then, Ground Zero 2.  We help the homeless Veterans (Vets) either get into a Veteran Affairs (VA) home or help move them directly into their new VA home.  We also help Vets get to medical appointments, and help secure birth certificates and ID's. We give food, water, and items to help them sustain in their homeless community.  We meet with Navigators to help them transition into residential accommodations. Our goal is to help the homeless to transition to every day life in a residence.  

Sisters in Christ recently served the Robla School District with school supplies. 

Some of our recipients are now volunteers at the Free Store.  Our sister Sandie, creator and pioneer for Sisters in Christ Free Store is a Payee and Guardian for one of the homeless.

We consider ourselves not only helpers in our community, but advocates for their needs.  We have gotten the local news media involved to further our cause and to put another sense of concern and care for the needs and lives of our homeless and less fortunate neighbors.

Our Sisters in Christ Free Store is generally open on Saturdays, from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Should someone have a need or want to make a donatiion, they can call Sandie at (210) 326-1806 for help. We would like to thank everyone who has donated to our mission and made it such a great success!