Did not make it to church this week? Take a look at the sermon you missed by clicking on this link: http://www.calvarybaptistchurchriolinda.org/site/audiodownloads.asp?sec_id=180010638

Then, scroll down to see the sermon you had missed. Maybe you will want to explore through the library and watch other sermons while you are there. To speed up your search, if you know what year the sermon is in, change the field that reads "Year:" and select accordingly.

We hope that all who have not been in church for a long period of time, will remember what church--THE ASSEMBLY of God's people to hear and learn of God and HIs will--is supposed to mean to the mental states of mankind and what lives are all about. 

We also hope you will build up the courage to face God again and come back to Him as you are. He will forgive you--if you ask Him with a pleadinig heart--because HE IS a loving God. HIs Word is TRUTH and YOU can TRUST what HE says. 

Do not delay. Come back to church! Yes, COME...JUST AS YOU ARE.

Pastor Jeff Clement,
and wife, Gloria